Other snowmobile safaris

with additional programmes

Unforgettable experiences

Programmed snowmobile safaris allow you to combine snowmobiling with other experiences, making both feel better and the experience more holistic. You can give the kids their own snowmobiling session, go out to admire the Northern Lights or the stunning ice sculptures of Lainio SnowVillage, experience local way of life with ice fishing, or go for a tasty Lappish lunch at Hanhipirtti’s wilderness cabin.

Snowmobiling familysafari

On a family safari, children can try snowmobiling on children’s snowmobiles in a safe and restricted area. We drive around Levi fell, and halfway through the trip we stop in an area where children can experience the speed and excitement of driving themselves. Finally, we will enjoy warm drinks and biscuits.

Aurora hunting by snowmobiles

Jump on board for an unforgettable journey under the northern night sky. We’ll go hunting for the Northern Lights in the dark wilderness, where we’ll roast sausages and enjoy hot juices by a crackling campfire. If the auroras don’t show, we’ll admire the starry sky and count the shooting stars. The safari is about 30 km long.

Tour of Kätkätunturi and lunch

We set off to Kätkätunturi fell, heading for the old Hanhipirtti wilderness cabin. There we will have a tasty Lappish lunch, after which we will continue our journey north of Kätkätunturi back to Levi. The safari is about 40 km long and is also suitable for families!

Ice fishing trip with snowmobiles

From Levi, we head through snowy forests towards a fishing pond. Once there, we’ll try catch some fish, fry some sausages and coffee or hot juice by the fire. Finally we’ll head back to Levi with our possible catch. For an additional fee, a variety of lunch options are also available. The safari is approximately 25 km long.

By snowmobile to
Lainio SnowVillage

Lainio SnowVillage’s stunning snow and ice sculptures will take your breath away. How could someone make such amazing art from water in its different forms? And it all melts away in spring! A pity, but it will allow us to admire new works next year. After the art experience, we enjoy a delicious lunch before heading back to Levi.

Ice fishing in
National park

We set off to fish on the rewarding Jerisjärvi Lake, near the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. We head towards the national park by car and continue by snowmobiles  towards the best fishing spots, where we try our nets and ice fishing rods. In between, we roast reindeer sausages or cook our own catch. Finally, we can continue fishing or go on a sightseeing tour to see the old Sámi sacrifice and burial island, Haltianletto or the Keimiöniemi grounds.

These safaris are for driving!