These safaris are for driving

when snowmobiling matters most

The thrill of driving

These safaris are all about driving. Go on an adventure to the neighbouring fells of Levi and the surrounding area by snowmobile. During the trip, you will discover the nature around us and also see Levi from another angle. For beginners we recommend shorter safaris. If you have experience in snowmobiling, longer safaris may be more interesting. Real Deal safari is suitable for experienced drivers.

Easy trip around Levi

We drive around Levi fell in varied terrain, enjoying the scenery. We continue to the café for coffee or hot juice with a bun. During the safari we may also see reindeer. The safari is about 35 km long and is also ideal for families!

To Kätkätunturi's wilderness cabin

We head to West and drive to Kätkätunturi fell, towards and old Hanhipirtti wilderness cabin. There we enjoy a warm drink with a bun, then continue our journey back to Levi. The safari is about 25 km long. Great for families too!

Conquering Ylläs fell

Levi or Ylläs, what more is there to think about? Let’s take both fells! Let’s set off in the morning for a trek towards the neighbouring fells, enjoying the pure white views along the way. After conquering the summit of Ylläs, we descend to the lower altitude to enjoy a delicious lunch. With renewed energy, we head back towards Levi. The safari is about 130 km long.

Take over Kumputunturi fell

We drive towards one of the most beautiful fells in Kittilä, through varied and enchanting landscapes. We conquer the top of Kumputunturi at 581 metres and admire the scenery from the fireman’s hut, which on a clear day offers amazing view. At the top, we give our minds a rest, then descend from the fells to enjoy open-fire sausages and smoked reindeer or cold-smoked salmon sandwiches with coffee and hot juice. The safari is approximately 110 km long.

Real deal safari for experienced drivers

We drive through the village of Tepasto to Pulju, where we take a short break with hot drinks. The journey continues to Pokka, where we have a soup lunch. With renewed energy we drive back to Levi via Kiistala. On this safari we drive, not ride! The safari is about 200 km long and everyone has their own snowmobile.

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