Meet Santa Claus

with snowmobile or car transfer

Santa visits

The Tokka Safari team will transport you to me either by snowmobile through the snowy forests or in the comfort of a minibus, according to your choice. I’ve set aside enough time for everyone to catch up and chat about your gift wishes. I’ve harnessed the reindeer so you can also go on a reindeer ride during your visit. You’ll also be able to enjoy a freshly baked bun with a warm drink. That’s the secret of my round belly, by the way. Welcome!

Snowmobiling to Santa Claus

We head through snow-white forests towards the old Santa’s cabin. Once there, we switch to the sledge and let the reindeer carry us along, enjoying the silence. There’s time to think about gift wishes, because after the ride it’s time to meet Santa Claus himself! Before heading back to Levi, we enjoy a warm drink and a bun. The children travel in a heated pod. The safari is about 30 km long.

A car ride to see Santa Claus

Travel to Santa Claus in the comfort of a warm minibus. Santa is waiting for you in his cabin, ready to hear your gift wishes and last-minute news. You’ll also get to go on a reindeer ride and enjoy a warm drink and a bun. Be sure to think about your wishes in advance, as Santa will take notes after your visit.

We recommend for families