Booking terms

Please read our booking terms

Terms for snowmobile safaris

You will receive your meeting time and point upon confirmation. Safari starts when the group is clothed and ready to go. Missed meeting time and point will result on missed safari which will not be refunded.

Safari cancellations

We will charge a cancellation fee of 10% if booking is cancelled. On cancellations 21-7 days before safari start time, 50% of total price will be charged. On cancellation less than 7 days before safari start time full price of safari will be charged.

Price includes

By buying an adult ticket, you share the snowmobile with a passenger. By buying an adult single ticket, you ride the snowmobile alone without a passenger.

Safari prices include full safari gear (driving gear, balaclava, boots, gloves, helmet), fuel, insurance, guide services, VAT and drinks/food stated in the safari description.   


In beginning of every safari, we go through safety and driving instructions. Customer is obligated to follow the instructions of the guide. If the instructions given are not followed and we have to repeatedly point out infringements, the right to drive on the safari may be withdrawn.

Self liability waiver

Snowmobile driver is held liable for any damages caused to the vehicle or third parties. Personal self liability is 1500€. By buying a 35€ self-liability waiver before the start of safari, self-liability is reduced to max. 350€/person/snowmobile in case of accident. One waiver / safari / driver. You can buy waiver when making the online booking or at our office before the safari starting time.

Following the laws

In our safaris we follow Finnish law and good manners.   

Driver must beat least 18 years olf and hold a valid driver’s license applicable in Finland.

Driver must have their driver’s license with them during the safari, as police patrol also on snowmobile tracks and may ask for the license.   

Riding under the influence of alcohol or other substances is prohibited. Refund will not be made in case we have to deny participation due to this matter. 

Children on safaris

Children taller than 130 cm can sit as a passenger behind his/her parent on a snowmobile, if you have purchased adult ticket for the children. Smaller children ride in a covered sleigh pulled by the guide.

We do not recommend safaris for children under 3 years. Please contact us in case you have infants coming on a safari.

Weather conditions

We reserve the right to cancel/alter the safari due to weather/other conditions that may lead to safety risks. Maximum celsius limit for safaris is -28C, safaris with small children the limit is -24C.


Snowmobile driver is held liable for any damages caused to the vehicle or third parties. Personal self liability is 1500€ on safaris.

In case the driver has not followed the laws of Road Traffic Act (a.k.a instructions given by our guide) damages to snowmobile are to be paid in full (no self liabilities or self-liability waivers apply).


Snowmobiling is a physical sport and you maybe riding in bumby tracks, therefore please use consideration if you have problems with your back. Pregnant women should not use the snowmobile or the sledge pulled by the snowmobile as the vibrations and exhaust fumes may be harmful. 

Husky and reindeer safaris

All animals used in the reindeer and husky rides are trained as far it is possible for the activity. However, behavior of animals can never be fully predicted and therefore, in order to reduce risks, given safety and other instructions must be obeyed.  


Tokka Safaris Oy reserves the right to use the photos and videos taken on its safaris for marketing purposes. Please indicate at the beginning of the safari if you do not wish your photos/videos to be used.

Terms for snowmobile rentals

The daily rental period is from 9.00 to 17.00. Half day rental is 4 hours and starts at 9.00 or 13.00.

Price includes

The rental includes one/two pieces of driving equipment, depending on the model of the sled. The sled has valid traffic insurance.

Rental includes 200km/day, excess kilometres 1€/km.

The rental does not include fuel. The sledge is rented and returned with a full tank. If the tank is low, we charge the price according to the price list.

Age limit

Driver must beat least 18 years olf and hold a valid driver’s license applicable in Finland.


Snowmobiling is a physical activity, which may include bounces along the route. Therefore, snowmobiling is not recommended for pregnant women or people with back problems. It is up to each hirer to assess their own ability to snowmobile.

Liability of the hirer

During the rental period, the renter is responsible for the normal checks and maintenance of the snowmobile, such as the engine oil level and belt and plug changes.

In the event of breakdown or damage to the snowmobile, this must be reported immediately to Tokka Safaris office +358400670993. A broken snowmobile must not be moved until instructions for further action have been received from Tokka Safaris.

In the event that the snowmobile has to be retrieved from the route due to a technical fault, the maximum distance for a free pick-up is 80km. Excess kilometres are charged at 1€/km.

For reasons due to the customer’s driving fault, the pick-up is always 2€/km (min. 60€).

If a technical fault or other defect occurs on the snowmobile during the rental period and Tokka Safaris provides a replacement or repairs the fault within a reasonable time, no compensation will be given for the rental or loss of rental time.

Returning the snowmobile

The snowmobile must be returned to the agreed place at the agreed time and in the condition it was in at the time of delivery. For any excess rental time, charge is 50€ per extra hour per snowmobile.

The renter’s self liability in case of damage or incorrect use of the snowmobile is 1500€ / 2000€ (sports) per snowmobile. The excess must be paid to Tokka Safaris immediately after the end of the rental period. Self liability waivers are not available when renting a snowmobile for personal use (only valid on guided safaris).

In the event of breaking the traffic law, full compensation will be paid for any damage to the snowmobile.


The snowmobile may not be used in competitions or for illegal activities.

It is forbidden to transfer the snowmobile or export it abroad without the written permission of the rental company.

Disputes will be resolved primarily by negotiation. If the dispute is brought before a court, the action must be brought before the district court in the place where the rental company is domiciled.

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